The benefits of Technology in Cars

Jul 8, 2021 | Using Technology, Using Voice Assistants

Cars are a great representation of how far technology has come. TV adverts are filled with car brands showing off their new features.

So how useful can technology be for cars? From voice technology, to self-drive cars, and even payment solutions… Let’s explore these features.


Payment solutions

It is now an option for some drivers to pay for their parking using their cars in-vehicle screen.

It eliminates the needs for drivers to carry cash or card. Don’t you hate it when you jump in the car and realise you have forgotten your wallet. Well with this feature, you wouldn’t need to go back o get it, you could simply pay with your card.


Voice technology:

Voice recognition within cars is now turning into the new norm. This creates safety when driving. Where better to implement hands-free than when driving?

According to, 60% of customers say that the voice assistant feature is a factor when deciding which car they want.

So what exactly can these voice assistants do for you while you cruise along?

  • Adjust the temperature
  • Phone someone
  • Navigate to the nearest gas station
  • Email your boss

These are only a few of what you can do. It’s a great way to get drivers out of the habit of taking their eyes off the road.


Self-driven cars

Self-driving cars is a concept which takes this topic one step further.

AI-powered technology is not just a standard computer that has been programmed to react to a number of different scenarios. A standard computer will only know how to react to certain scenarios, whereas AI-powered technology can take what is has learned and assess how best to react to the situation.

There are safety features in place for this. Although the driver does not need to keep their hands on the wheel the whole time, they will need to stay alert. They will need to respond within 10 seconds, and if they don’t the vehicles hazard light, slow down and eventually stop.

self-driven cars reduce the possibility of human error.

These self-driven cars are not at the point where they are completely self-driven however… One Nottingham resident was arrested for hopping into the passenger seat of their car, whilst on the motorway to let their car do all the work.



So we can see there’s a wise range of technology changing the game in terms of cars features, which are both safe and make life a little bit easier. There is still much more to come for technology in cars. In 10 years time this might all seem the norm. But for now we can appreciate how beneficial the presence of this technology is for cars.


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