Improving Communication with AI-powered Technology

May 27, 2021 | Hotels & Resorts, Using Voice Assistants

Imagine a world without great communication. Pretty bleak right? As humans we can communication pretty well. We can learn what people like and dislike through communication. So now think what hospitality would be like without communication. There would be no customer feedback or opportunities to build customer relationships.

This is why strong communication is a must in hospitality. But, technology has raised customer expectations of communication. Rapid and accurate responses are now the new norm. This kind of communication cannot be achieved without technology.

So, with raised expectations, how can we use  technology to improve communication and improve the customers experience?

Cross Department

Who doesn’t want things to run more smoothly? Cross department communication creates an easier customer journey, and ensures nothing is missed. Raise tickets without there being a long delay in reaching the correct person.

It’s easy to sometimes forget something a customer has told you. Technology ensures there is no chance of human error and all information is sent to the correct departments.

Communication technology also allows for things like in-room service. As a guest you can order to your room. There’s no need for guests to go to reception, they can relax and order straight to their room.

So, technology being used internally within your business will give you the confidence to know that no information will be missed.

Rapid & Accurate Communication

Providing a customer with an answer can sometimes take a while and due to human error we can’t always ensure this is correct. This is not something we are used to when using technology. When we ask Siri a question, we receive a a rapid response with accurate information.

When guests use technology in hotels, they can access information through voice tech, chat bots and apps. They no longer need to wait for a response or search for a staff member to ask. They can find the information at the touch of their fingertips or by voice command.

Push notifications are also a great communicator. Use these to remind your guests about happy hour or the specials on your menu. Any important information you need to relay to your guests can be sent to them instantly.

This can also boost revenue. Strong communication means customers are kept up to date with absolutely everything. Guests will no longer miss out on events because they hadn’t heard about it. Complaints can be responded to instantly. Overall customer satisfaction can be kept high, as customers are made to feel like a priority

It can still be personable

Technology being used in hospitality might worry some people that the personal guest experience will be lost. This is not the case though. AI-powered technology can provide a unique personal experience. Devices can know the guests name, or even know of special events such as birthdays. Guests experience will still be personal and exciting.

With this kind of technology, guests can provide their voice tech with feedback from their first night. Any concerns by the guests can be addressed quickly to ensure their stay is the best it can be.

Knocking down language barriers is another way technology can provide a personal experience. AI-powered tech allows you to translate in real time. Language barriers are frustrating, especially when you are requesting something specific or putting a complaint in. This allows for full communication to take place.


Technology can improve communication within hospitality. You can use it to provide information to guests, let your staff easily communicate and create a personal guest experience.



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