How can technology help the staff shortage in hospitality?

Sep 16, 2021 | Using Technology, Using Voice Assistants

Hotels and restaurants are seeing staff shortages due to post-Brexit immigration policies, training shortfalls and the pandemic. Venue owners are struggling to fill positions. One restaurant owner, in Southwold, told the BBC that they “didn’t have enough staff to open for lunch”. Business owners and customers are feeling the effects of the staff shortages.

So, how could technology help solve the issues that staff shortages are causing?

Voice Technology

Introduce voice assistants to your business and welcome your new virtual employee.  This new member of your team can help you:

  • save money
  • cut costs
  • increase sales
  • boost customer satisfaction

Voice technology can save time by dealing with customer requests and questions. They also allow information to be passed through one channel, making communication quick and reliable. With a smaller staff base, your staff can focus on their most important tasks, knowing that their other tasks are being dealt with.

Voice assistants can also promote certain products and deals to your customers, adding an extra sales role to your staff base. This can help boost sales.

Remote visibility

Menu management systems allow managers to view what is happening on-site, wherever they go. They can view:

  • The latest sales
  • What tills are in operation
  • Who is operating the till
  • And more..

This helps managers oversee multiple sites and devices all from one place.

Kitchen Automation Systems

Kitchen automation systems work together with point of sales technology to manage orders. They can take orders, instruct chefs and servers on timings, and inform staff where and when food should be served. This not only eliminates room for human error, but it also ensures that staff can focus on the important tasks.

This layout eliminates the need for servers to take orders and allows them to focus on serving the food. Introducing this to your business will increase both sales and customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management

This software is designed to help you manage stock, reduce waste and cut costs. This reduced the time spent on manual stock management. It also ensures that a more accurate overview is completed.


Is technology the solution?

Technology would help bridge the gap for staff shortage and these solutions don’t have to break the bank either. Many of these would also help boost sales, so it’s double whammy.


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