Digitalising Hotels

Oct 7, 2021 | Hotels & Resorts, Using Technology, Using Voice Assistants

The world is gradually becoming digitalised. Hotels are following suit by introducing technology and digitalising the industry.

Technology provides us with more time, as it takes on the responsibility of certain tasks. For the hotel industry, this free’s up time for staff to focus on the most important tasks.

Digitalising not only benefits staff, but it also provides a modernised customer experience.


Data paving the way

With digitalisation comes data, and with data comes knowledge. Customer trends can be discovered, which results in increased revenue, more returning customers, and better targeted marketing.

You can collect data from customers through a number of ways, and use them to do things like:

  • Predict customer trends
  • Target specific audience
  • Increased the number of your loyal customers
  • Improve customer experience

You can’t expect to improve your hotel experience without asking for customer feedback or following customer demands. If you are targeting a specific audience, use what data you have about that audience, to attract their attention.

Your returning customers can tell you a lot about customer experiences and whether their experiences are improving with each visit. Surveys are great for this. You can use a variety of different technologies to achieve this, such as:

  • Voice technology
  • Personalised Apps
  • Digital tablets

Filling out a piece of paper is old school and boring. Use technology to entice your customers into providing this feedback.


Filling the staff shortage with artificial intelligence

Due to staff shortages, and night shifts, technology is the savour for ensuring that hotels don’t fail because of these shortages.

Technology can now provide:

  • Room service
  • Responses to customer requests
  • Responses to complaints
  • Correct Information

It might seem a bit far fetched for technology to be able to provide room service, but believe it or not there are technologies around which allow devices to deliver room service to guests. It greatly helps staff when there is a shortage. For example, if you only one staff member is working for a night shift, they would be able to stay at the reception desk all evening while they use their digitalized robots to delivery room service, or the voice assistants in rooms to answer any questions and requests.


Bringing customer experience to life

Even before someone has booked, you can bring their experience to life. Use VR, AR and 3D tours to bring the hotel to them.

Check out this hotel tour to see how realistic this tour can feel.

Grabbing potential new customers attention is essential, and what better way to do that than stick out from other companies. Get your customers excited about their holiday.


Digitalising Hotels?

Overall you can see how digitalising hotels help business. It can help the hotel staff, the business as a whole and the customers. Therefore, it seems like the obvious next step if you are looking to improve your hotel company.




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