Children using Voice Assistants

Jun 10, 2021 | Using Voice Assistants

Due to the pandemic, many people have had to come up with creative ways to educate their children and keep them entertained. Topics around virtual nanny’s and online learning have been widely discussed. But what about voice assistants? Many are not keen on the idea of their children learning from a person via a zoom call. so, would a voice assistant work where there isn’t even a person on the other end, just an AI-Powered device that can talk.

Reduces Screen Time

Screen time is a growing issue. Phones have introduced ways people can track their screen time and even lock themselves out of apps to reduce it. In a world where most of technology operates via a screen, we should make the most of voice technology.

The lack of screens does not limit the entertainment. Children can still play games through voice tech and ask for jokes. These devices can also be used in education.


Voice assistance can help educating children in a number of ways. From maths to spelling. It can also help their creativity by letting them choose their own path in an interactive story. This technology brings a multi-layered learning experience, keeping children engaged.

Privacy is a concern with voice assistance. students can be taught about the privacy settings and any privacy issues. So, children will grow up with the benefits of voice assistance but also aware of the possible dangers.


Concerns have been raised about voice assistants promoting rude behaviour in children. This does not have to be a concern. Voice devices can prompt children to use manners. Using Alexa skills, children will rewarded for saying “please” and “Thank you”.

It’s not just encouraging these words, but also encourages bedtime routines. During bedtime hours the device does not accept commands. Certain songs can be blocked. Content control plays a big part in children’s behaviour. Parents having control of content allows for them to manage what their child views.


So, is voice technology worth it?

In our opinion, we think it is! Children can reap the benefits of technology whilst avoiding some of the dangers, like too much screen time.



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