AI-Powered Tech making for a more personal experience

Jul 27, 2021 | Hotels & Resorts, Using Technology, Using Voice Assistants

AI-powered technology can help both you and your customer achieve a personal experience.

It can use data to find out customer trends, and use this to provide your customers with everything they need.


Providing a good experience

When we book a holiday, we want it to be special, and easy. There is nothing worse than booking a holiday and the whole experience being stressful. We go to relax. So, how can AI help us achieve this relaxing holiday?

Booking made easy

When I say relaxing holiday, I even mean the booking part of it. I recently went away and booked somewhere I thought would be nice, but turned out to be a bit of a disaster. So now I’m very selective, but use of AI means that I don’t necessarily have to trawl through website after website to find the best holiday.

If I have been with the travel company before, they could use the data from my previous trips and reviews to recommend an alternative trip. You could get a notification saying something like;

“We noticed that last time you booked this trip with us, we think you would also like this trip”.

This saves me time and also it is a great way for the business to advertise on their end (more on this later).

The holiday itself

There are many ways which AI powered technology can help provide a unique experience. One of these is via voice technology. Voice technology can know the guests name, any special celebrations coming up and also any specific requirements or requests. Creating a personal experience.

Having a voice assistant in a hotel room would mean that the guest could be addressed by their name and if it was a birthday, for example, the voice assistant could wish the guest a happy birthday when they first wake up. It’s always nice when someone remembers you birthday without you reminding them!

Helping your business

So, we can see how AI benefits customers, but how can it benefit your business?

Using data to present promotions and advertisement is a useful way to ensure you are showing these to the correct audience. Advertisements and promotions are great, but when they are shown to the wrong audience they are simply a waste of money.

AI helps businesses gather data to understand customer preferences. They then use this to tailor their messages to fit with the correct audience and provide personal promotions.

AI-powered content can help increase customer purchases. Through technology such as chatbots. Chatbots can improve communication, recommend purchases and provide customers with instant replies.

So, should companies ensure they are using AI?

I believe that they should be as it benefits both them and their customers. According to a study, 37% of companies are already using AI, or claim they will be in the future. As a company, you should join the use a AI, as it is the one of the most popular data-driven technologies in the world.


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