Conversational AI

for retail & hospitality

Connect your existing Retail and Hospitality systems into WAY2PAY Voice Gateway to provide voice assistants to guests, customers and staff



Connect your existing Retail and Hospitality systems into WAY2PAY Voice Gateway to provide voice assistant to guests, customers and staff.

Improve customer service

Customers are used to near instant response times from search through their devices.

Why would they expect this to be different when they visit your physical business?

By linking existing enterprise systems with voice assistants, it doesn’t need to be.

Drive productivity of staff

People are great at a whole load of tasks.

Checking stock levels, table availability and remembering reviews of 1000’s of products are not some of them.

Enable staff productivity by freeing up your staff to do what matters.

Insights from conversations

Everyone knows the importance of data.

But conversation data between a member of staff and a customer in-person is almost never recorded.

Use data on what people are saying as you would with your other analytics – to drive business decisions.


For over 20 years we have been delivering innovative solutions into retail and hospitality

From elctronic point of sale (EPOS) to cashless campuses, micromarket POS, mobile ordering and cashless vending. 2020 has brought new challenges and so the WAY2PAY Voice Gateway, brings touch-less voice interaction into enterprise




We believe that voice assistants can drastically improve the retail and hospitality sectors

at a time where it has never been more important for business to survive. We want to build a company ran as a meritocracy, which practices radical open-mindedness and transparency while building solutions which can both enable users and facilitate accessibility


WAY2PAY Voice Gateway is our SaaS offering, capable of running on a variety of off the shelf smart speakers.

Convert customer questions asked by voice into responses that can talk to your existing enterprise systems. An analytics platform sits on top allowing you to collect and analyse previously hidden data from customer interactions.


Connect your existing Retail and Hospitality systems into WAY2PAY Voice Gateway to provide voice assistants to guests, customers and staff.

Hotels & Resorts

Engage your guests, create touchless controls, and understand your guest interactions utilising our voice-first assistance platform.

We enable and estate-wide voice-first experience, allowing guests to solve common issues typically dealt with by a staff member.

Check in/out, order room service, book a table and get local recommendations, control your room, ask questions all through our voice first assistants, linked to current property management systems. 

All through a safe and secure platform, ensuring data privacy.



As the bricks and mortar retail landscape changes, the emphasis shifts to a greater focus on service & experience.

Customers expect instant accurate results to their enquiries, and an engaging in-store experience.

We enable in-store voice first experiences to really connect with and get your customers talking. Whilst unlocking the hidden data of conversational data previously held between customers and associates.

Be guided to product locations in-store, ask for advice or help, find out if items are in stock amongst other features through our voice-first customer assistants.


Stadia and Leisure

Enhance your corporate hospitality experience, increase fan engagement, and optimise operations within your stadium or venue.

We enable voice-first hospitality ordering throughout corporate hospitality areas of stadiums or venues. Create a faster experience for guests when ordering drinks or food. Drive productivity preventing the need for waiting on staff to attend boxes to take orders.


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